[Update]: Fixed data saving issue and all rides are now FREE!

Welcome to Halloween Park 2017! In this amusement park, you will find exciting rides to ride, tasty foods to eat, see exciting attractions, participate in obbies and hangout around the park or cruise in your very own Go-Kart or Go-Bike.

- 3 Rides to actually go on
- 2 Attractions - Test your strength in Hammer of Strength or try to survive the horrors of Stone Henge!
- Compete in 2 Obbies around the park to receive special badges
- Buy your very own Go-Kart or Go-Bike and cruise around the park at high speeds
- Eat a delicious variety of foods including Cotton Candy, Chocolate-Dipped-Apples and Pizza!
- Get yourself a mask from the mask shop!
- Tired? Get some rest inside of Ham's Pizza Restaurant and Motel

More features will be added during Bloxtober!

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