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At The Start, You Have 20 Seconds To Click Anywhere On Your Screen 💻 Which Will Give You Speed! ⚡️ 
Next, You Have To Run For 2 Minutes And You Need To Collect As Many Wins 🏄‍♀️ As You Can! ☄️
Afterward, You Get 20 Seconds To Prepare For The Next Click Phase! 🤯

Join the Group to get Free Auto Hatch!

[⚡️ Update 3⚡️]

-- 3 New Eggs! 🥚
-- 19 New Pets To Unlock! 🐈
-- Bug Fixes! 🐛

Also Enjoy The 2x Clicks Event For The Next Few Days!

[✨ Even More Coming Soon! ✨] 

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