Welcome to the Room. 🔊

💡 The Room is a small game where the idea is you meet random individuals/players that are in the game with you. Socialize with others by using voice chat or by typing, whichever you prefer, this is a community based game.

💢 Are other players bothering you? Make sure to use /mute username, or click on the microphone icon above their head in voice chat to mute them.

❓ Want to be completely alone, or just vibe with a friend? Purchase a private server for the small fee of 20 robux and hangout!

⭐ If you enjoyed your stay, make sure to like or favorite the game or even donate as it helps me, and also motivates me to work on this game.

⚙️ Includes Future Lighting, max 50 players to support Voice Chat / Spatial Voice, R6 and R15, along with user emotes enabled along with layered clothing. VR will be added later on.


There are currently no running experiences.