[This game is still in Pre-Alpha, so expect bugs]

Killjoy is a fast-paced zombie survival game that puts teamwork into play.

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Inspired by the Left 4 Dead series by Valve.

Once Killjoy: Survival is fully done, there will be 3 game-modes.

1. Campaign - The main game-mode. It will have 6 campaigns with 3-5 chapters each. 

There will also be extra campaigns that aren't canon to the story.

2. Survival - A wave-based game-mode to see how long you and your squad can survive. Fight against the Infected and Special Infected, and Bosses.

3. Versus - A team-based game-mode. You can play as a human or control a Special Infected. The Infected team's goal is to infect all Survivors before the timer runs out. 

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