👋 Welcome to Silly's Difficulty Chart Obby 2!

✨ This obby starts off easy but gets progressively harder the further you get. There is also a tower at the end of each difficulty that you can choose to complete if you're up for the challenge! Do you have the skills needed to reach the end?

🌟 There are 12 difficulties (a total of 240 stages and 12 towers). You can choose to rebirth along the way to receive rebirth tokens which you can spend on items in the shop.

💀 Press 'R' to respawn or 'Y' if using a controller.

🔨 Built and scripted by TheManWithASillyName.

This game was inspired by Master's Difficulty Chart Obby.

dco sdco sdco2 easy medium hard obby difficult rage parkour tower of hell toh jtoh coins rebirth tokens stages checkpoints trails halos pets wraparound ladder flick wall hop wallhop


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