Josh is walking home, distracted. The only problem is, the streets ahead of him are very dangerous. Plan the road ahead of him by removing obstacles that are in his way, but watch out, as throughout the journey you'll have less vision to look both ways.

The only control in the game is just left clicking / tapping! Because of this, the game is very easy to learn and play!

🧀 @Rawblocky - Project Lead, Scripting, Building, Game Idea, Concepts
🌱 @Cupiful - Modeling, Building, UI Design, Sound Design
⚡ @Pa_ze - UI Design, Scripting, Building, Animation
💰 @haz3mn - Scripting, Building, Visual Effects
🦩 @mrflimflam - Sound Design, Concepts

Background music provided by APM Music
Car sound provided by Pro Sound Effects


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