🔪 Start your adventure in the ultimate Murder Mystery game today! Deceive others as a murderer, save the citizens as sheriff or become the hero as civilian!

☀️ MMX Part 1 Summer Update Changelog ☀️
- New Summer Themed Lobby
- New Ancient Map
- Fruit Currency Collectable added during rounds
- Sparkle Fruit that give 5 instead of 1
- Battle Pass with 30 Tiers
- Summer Shop Items
- TWO Summer Boxes
- New Broken Bottle Godly Drop Item
- New Code W 4 T 3 R M 3 L 0 N without spaces!
- TWO New Summer Achievements Added
- New Gilded Coin Pack
- New Tiki Pack
- More Dev Pets can be obtained again

🔥 Join the group 'Murder Mystery Prestiges' to receive a 10% experience boost!

⭐ Original release on December 1st 2017


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