The heart of Roblox research, buried in a deep cavern in an unmarked location. Welcome to the Underground Research Lab, a Plasma Inc operated facility. Explore the facility and experiment with the equipment you discover. Find the elusive weaponry or overload the resonance beam, which is a source of immense power and has the potential to bring down the entire facility.

In the event of a beam-related emergency, an emergency escape lift is situated in the Maintenance Sector (Sector C).

CURRENT VERSION: b0.9.4 (The Everything Update)
If you are on a server running an outdated version, contact an administrator to resolve the issue.

b0.9.0 - Changelog:
 + A new biological sector and conference room.
 + A new abandoned zone.
 + Purchasable rooms.
 + A bounty system for rebels and security.
 + A new fog cannon.
 - A refreshed design for most locations.
 - New beam particle effects.
 - A refreshed spawn.

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