🌲🌱🌼 Hope you don't have a pollen allergy 

❗❗IMPORTANT: Major improvements to performance!
Buy temporary props in the new Cutie Patooties cafe! 

📰 ~NEWS~ 📰
• Night has the northern lights! 
• The interior is Refurnished! 🚪
• Optimization update! if you're under 35 FPS, it'll automatically try to increase your FPS
• There is admin in Private Servers
• Freecam is enabled for everyone - SHIFT + C 

• Every asset was made by me 
• Designed with DiscombobulatedJack

Credit to Hyunsu Cha on ArtStation for the original concept art 
Tags: Showcase, Vibe, Nature, Fantasy, Chill, Hangout, Social, Flower, Forest, Rain, Cafe, Nature


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