🤪 Can you win? Try to beat the 15 stages which test your thinking, determination, and playing skills!

🤩 [NEW] Pets and Trails!, at 80% upvotes I will be handing a free Pet & Trail code!

🤑 Join the Group for Monthly Rewards!!/about

🌟 Premium Benefits: 1.25x Coins

🤠 [NEW] Daily Reward System!

😎 New stages are:

-[NEW] Super Mega Fun Obby!
-[NEW] Endless Climb
-[NEW] Button Press
-[NEW] Running Heads
-[NEW] Backrooms

🤝 Play with friends or compete with others to see who can make it to the end!

🤯 ~Disclaimer; due to Roblox's TOS, Playing this game does not guarantee any prize; All of the prize handlings will be dealt with in the game's Roblox group.

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