Welcome to Slime Tower Tycoon! In this game, you'll build an awesome tower full of different slimes & sell their droplets to earn coins! There's no limit to how many slimes you can earn!

NEW Tier 18 & 19 slimes!
Purple Halloween pumpkins that give either a TRICK or a TREAT!
Boosts now SAVE between play sessions!
Added dungeon realms area for update 6!

🏰 Build an infinite tower full of cute slimes! (Auto-merges at 175 individual slimes to avoid lag)

💸 Buy new slimes & upgrade your cauldron to climb the leaderboard!

✨ Merge slimes into rarer versions that give you extra droplets!

Scripting, Slime Models, UI: Sir_Falstaff
Environment Design: TipToesTim

Created by one of the developers of OOF Tycoon! 


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