📝☠️Ever wanted to Become a Nextbot and chase your friends or randoms? Then this game is for you! With Nextbot Morphs to choose from, The Survivor team is constantly at risk! In this big free-roam experience, you can do some trolling. Staying in an area for too long will draw the Nextbots toward you.

🎒🔦 As a Survivor, Your objective is to Survive The Nextbot Players! Gain Points overtime to buy new items that will aid you in your survival experience! Where-ever you go, Nextbots will always keep an eye on you! With their Detection System, hiding is a tough option. You can fight and OOF Nextbots with weapons you can get with points, alongside special items!

🏆🏅Badges are very work in progress, and more will come! If you Find a Nextbot in a map, you will be awarded with that morph and a badge award!

👑✅In VIP servers, you have your own commands.


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