🏆Stone Miner simulator 2 blockbuster returns!!
👍Pls give us LIKES for more UPD!! Thank you!

🌍Driving ur cool stone miner to explore the world!
🌋Equip powerful skills to destroy the minerals!
🧭Selling ore to upgrade ur stone miner, explore gigantic map!
🐾Mighty rebirth, plentiful pets, rare mines! 
💘Drop in mysterious cave, trigger random events!

More contents waiting for you to enjoy!!

UPD 1.1.1  XD
-   🏛Reduced the requirement of unlocking gate to Ocean World!
-   💫The halo in Hidden Cave works now!
-   🦈New skin:Carrabbit,Ocean King!
-   🎯Big surprises in NEXT UPD

🍀To celebrate this new game coming out, code for everyone: "hotpot"
- Find bugs? Join DC and tell us!!
- 8000 Likes Code:aoisyh
- Previous Codes at DC
🔥The next code come when 15000 Likes


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