welcome to the worst game on roblox

Credits to Valve for Creating CS:GO and Half Life 2

UPDATE (19/2/24):
- Keybinds (PC,Xbox,Playstation)
- QoL Changes for Xbox and Playstation Players
- Map Lighting Adjustments
- Skin Adjustments
- Weapon Balance Adjustments
- New Gamemode
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Gamemodes Include:
- [NEW] SMGs (Randomizer just Submachine guns)
- Randomizer (Random gun each death)
- Team Deathmatch (Randomizer but with teams)
- Gun Game (new gun each kill)
- Pistols (Randomizer just pistols)
- Auto Rifles (Randomizer just Automatic Rifles)
- Shotguns (Randomizer just shotguns)

All New 30 Tier Season Pass

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