TO SPAR HEAD TO THE ARENA LOCATED NORTH (North being the Medusa Statue). Walk through either red or blue walls to join teams with weapons, this is a locked in area and allows none participants from joining in, least they want to die by the walls. 

(Eventual things)
When the final wars of the old kingdoms fell, the people who remained were of a Elf like culture, known as the Helmeri, along side their fallen brothers, though not many remain, the Nyxmeri supported them in their idea of a Aphyrna, with a great city that controls all of its regions and its regional powerhub. Here members of the great nation of Aphyrna may partake in the activites provided by the Military or Senate of Aphyrna; training, recruitment, patrol, war ritual, dance parade. -CURRENT FEATURES - -  TAXES - GOLD - ARENA - HORSE SPAWN GUI


There are currently no running experiences.