A hardcore turn based combat game, specialize into classes, power up through battle and vanquish strong foes as you travel between the lands.

This game is designed for party play, playing solo will make the game harder for you.

This game has little handholding, and will be quite difficult, you have been warned.

Q - Dash
M - Meditate at a mat
B/Tilde (`) - Open inventory and status menu
Space - Activates QTEs, can be used to block/dodge and such instead of clicking.

Inspired by Platform Battles, made by 123maor

Credits: NuovaPrimed (Scripting, Animation, GFX), Birdencoat (Scripting, Modeling, VFX), Jifaarencoat (Scripting, Modeling), Hikari_Yami (Scripting), shurawei (Scripting), matrodeus (VFX, SFX), TheGreatAnubis (Modeling), RuneArtifact (Music)ivan11230 (Building), xVaxtty (Building), vcize (Modeling), Elyvita (Clothing), Blotnik (Clothing).

(All the music should be copyright free, credits to their respective owners)


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