⭐️ Welcome to Kinguin Bear Wars! ⭐️
Enter the world of eternal frost where two fractions live: Penguins 🐧 and Polar Bears 🐻‍❄️

Remember to collect resources and crowns during the day. ☀️
Watch out for the bears at night! 🌑

🔥 Fix the wall around the village and protect it from the bears
🐧 Find lost penguins and take them back to school
⚔️ Fight the bears and defend the village from unexpected attack
⭐️ Collect resources such as Ice Cores 💠  or wooden logs 🪵 that will let you fix the wall
You have 4 weapons to fight with:
🗡️ Take your sword and slay your enemies!
🔨 Repair things with your hammer!
🪓 Collect wood using your own Axe!
🛡️ And when in danger, use your Shield for a narrow escape!

Each weapon can be upgraded to a higher level.

➡️ Visit our website to get a code for bonus crowns 👑 and a special item.
🎟️ Use a code ROBLOX12  on our landing page -> Kinguin Bear-wars


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