🛡️ Tower Defense: Defend the track with your friends from 20 waves of various types of shapes coming out to attack your base! On every match, your base has a maximum of 250 Health Points. 🛡️ ⚙️ 

🎒 Equip towers at Shop. 
⬜ Go to "Play" Cube. 
🗺️ Vote Map. 
🛡️ Defend! 
🪙 The more waves you survive the more rewards you get. 

Using scripts will result in a ban if caught. 
Some music may be copyrighted. 
Being in the DuoGames group will boost your rewards from matches by +10%. 

5K LIKES CODE: fivekay 
10K LIKES CODE: 10klikesssss 
15K LIKES CODE: 15thousand 
20K LIKES CODE: twentykay 
👍Next code at 25K Likes 

🛠️ DuoGames Devs: 
speedyman303 (Modeller, Balancing help, more) 
Wuurdd (Scripter, Modeller) 
XenoPixels (Modeller 2) 
Dummy (Animator, Balancing help + some maps) 
alderings (UI Designer) 
######### (Scripting/Bugs help) 
1Dangler (Former Balancer) 

👍 Other Credit: 
All thumbnails by TotallyDang 
Castle and Woodlands maps by KlaudTea


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