Say "regenboatmodel" to regen the boat model. New UCR thumbnail by fenderfan672. Raider Bonus: UCR Bonus: Rules: HOW TO USE STATION: Press light red button. Watch for flashing sequence. Repeat the sequence back. If you get it right then it will flash, if you get it wrong, it will flash and the door will open. Then click a colorful button to show a target screen. Press the bright red button to choose the target. (may be a little buggy) Newly renovated and improved. Located on a rocky island not far off the coast of France, UCR Base ORION is a secure outpost, hidden from all who would try to claim it. ORION boasts missle silos and is UCR's aerospace communications center. In addition to having warheads of its own, ORION has a well-shielded bunker to defend its leaders in the event of a global th


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