This game is a physically painful experience of attacking people with shovels. Don't comment if you see someone with the mighty god shovel.

Thanks to people for helping for the game! Contributors can be found in the credits.

Some gamepasses are helpful, like the 2x and 3x, which give you  more hits, and some are shovel gamepasses which are strong.

This game has some bunch of shovels that get stronger for hits. Some shovels abilities are passive (on hit), and others are E to Use (mobile users have a button). Some are swing too, which means activated on swing.

Play the original Slap Battles too! Link:
Inspired by:
Slap Battles
Slap Battles: Killstreak Simulator
Ability Wars
Slap Battles: Combat (for timeline)
Killstreak Sword Fighting
And more! Those games also gave shovel ideas!


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