Manateeopolis is Manatee Empire's capital city. Victoria is a suburb. You can buy a house in these cities by purchasing the shirt in the group store. Please follow these laws:
1. No killing others unless they let you
2. No admin abuse
3. Drive safely [stop at gold lines, stay on road, do not run into trees or buildings]
4. No deleting blocks
Failure to follow these laws will result in arrest, trial, and fine, ban, or demotion.
There is a free shuttle service in the city and suburbs.
This is the city where the first ever game of Survive The Bus! was played. You can play it on a field on the other side of the river.
The Manateeopolis Hotel is currently closed for renovations.
Thanks to Zekrom1111, 10pokeboy, and many other people for helping me build the city.
Note: Zekrom1111, 10pokeboy, and I often have wars here, so if it is destroyed, I apologize and will fix it ASAP.

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