🚽Welcome to the public bathroom simulator V.Lite

🦩Thanks Flamingo for playing public bathroom simulator (again)

🧻Hang out with your friends in this game with a futuristic atmosphere.

👕👗We have a basic avatar editor and a system for required music.🎵

🕺We have more than 200 animations and poses in different places on the map and also with many badges.💃

🧼Use the services, wash your hands and meet people.🧼

Any suggestion comment in the game group.

Nexus VR, Catalog, Fun, murder,  cyberpunk, Japan, synthwave, lgbt, furry, Hangout, shower, epic, toilet, Rp, RolePlay, hugs, find the badges, korblox, both plaza, xyz, headless, avatar editor, lite, voice chat, VC, Korea, Kpop, Jpop, relax, bath, lite, sus, halloween, club, merry christmas


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