Embark on an epic fighting journey! Summon powerful elements, Defeat formidable bosses, amass mythical loot, and become the strongest dungeon raider ever. Start your epic adventure now!

✨ Current Elemental Powers (20) 
Krampus, Phantom, Angel, Dragon, Galaxy, Infinity, Reaper, Kitsune, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Gravity, Light, Lightning, Nature, Lava, Sand, Smoke, Bunny

🗺️ Click the play button to enter a dungeon or join one!
🌠 Collect gems from quests to roll for magical rewards in the lobby!
🔮 Harness the power of element orbs to unlock unique abilities.
⚔️ Level up your element mastery by securing the last hit on enemies.

👍 Unlock free gems by using the code "BETA" and give us a 👍 LIKE and ⭐ FAVORITE!

[Premium Benefits]
✨ 50% More AFK Gems
💰 10% More Gold
📈 10% More Experience Points

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