Welcome to Case Opening Simulator 2! 📦

Open cases, earn items, keep or sell them, collect them, buy more expensive cases and challenge your friends in different game modes. 
Start your unboxing journey today!

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⚡ Next code at 8000 likes!

⚠️ Please note that items and currency earned in this game are only available in-game and cannot be awarded on the Roblox website. 

✨ 10/02 Update:
・6 New cases 📦
・Some new jackpot features ✨
・New like milestone reached 🎁

✨ 09/25 Update:
・12 New cases 📦
・Small free case buff 🔋
・Some performance improvements ✨

✨ 09/08 Update:
・4 New cases 📦
・Added new bundles in the money shop 💰
・Fixed few bugs 🔧

👒 Collect over 700+ unique Items!


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