🧸 A growing empire tycoon filled with kinds of toys that is within different values for you to profit off and become one of the richest in the whole land!

💡NEW CODE: "7KLIKESCODE" for an Aluminum Machine, 2x of your money and 5 minutes of toy speed!
➡️ "PLUSHIETOYS" for a Marble Machine, 1.75x of your money and 5 minutes of toy speed!
🚨Next code at 10K LIKES!

💸Join the group to earn 15% more cash when profiting!
📦Premium members get 3 minutes of 2x toy speed and a free machine!

Be sure to give it a 👍 and favorite for more upcoming updates on the way!

💾 This tycoon does SAVE automatically! 💾

💖 This game may contain UGC toy plushie models, credits to the creators of those assets! Inspired by the original game itself, now known as OOF Tycoon.


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