BOMBLINE - ver. Pre-Alpha

Fast-paced bomb defusal first-person shooter randomizer.

- The audio cut-out issue is a problem with Roblox's engine.
- Are you experiencing frame drops? Adjust your settings. Turn off Surfaces, Shadows, Shell Ejection, Bullet Holes, and Sound Occlusion for better performance.

💣 Defend or detonate the bombsites across 12 maps
🎲 Randomized loadouts from 20+ weapons every round
🕹️ Play intense 6v6 or chaotic 12v12 modes

🚧 THIS GAME IS IN ALPHA! Everything is work-in-progress, things will change. Not all features have been implemented.

If you enjoy the game, please leave a thumbs-up👍! It's the easiest way to support us.


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