Gear 5 Event
Hello everyone just wanted to announce a limited time event featuring the sun fruit themed around Gear 5. You can collect this fruit in the gear 5 dungeon difficulty it is around the same difficulty as impossible and insane. This will surpass Hakai in strength making it the strongest fruit in the game you have a week to max it out. New awakenings will come 

🗺️ Daily Gem Shop @Spawn, purchase Exclusive pets & stat boosters!


Enter the world of Anime Fruit Simulator! 🍎 Rise up as the ultimate anime warrior by venturing through diverse zones, conquering challenging foes and their bosses, while augmenting your power with Fruits, Pets & Weapons!

🗺️ Explore Zones
🍎 Collect Powerful Fruits
💥 Fuse fruits together to unlock more abilities
👺 Gather OP Boss Drops

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👍 Created by @NO4HHHH, @triffys, and @soundleak
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