Thanks for the mention on Facebook ROBLOX. Over 85,000 visits! If you have issues with lag you'll HAVE to turn your graphics settings lower. 
Check out the VIP server option in the Games tab if you want to role-play with your friends or group.
The plane is a pretty close version of a B-25J. It's only a building showcase, not a playable game. It has around 5400 parts (not including meshes and decals), so     IT WON'T FLY! There are about 15,000 parts total.

Now you can teleport to a simulated flying version. The light switches work (my office for the runway lights and the main hangar for the hangar lights). The hangar doors work. The lathe and drill press spin. You can turn the Bofors AA gun left and right.
Leave comments. I'd love to hear what you think about my aircraft and airport!
Also thanks again to EgoMoose for the help with the flashlight script!
If you like WWII places check out my aircraft carrier, the USS Bunker Hill!


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