Welcome to Mech Pressers!
This is a Button Simulator.
The game is currently in Beta so be sure to give feedback in the Dreamstone Experimental communities!

"This really is a Merch Pressers... Ih my god..." -John Bloon
"Hooly Crapt" - Ascimov
"Really soothing game, I wish there was more balancing circulating the 'Cavern of Anger' in act 1, but the depth and complexity of the game is quite nice." -Axis
"This game is too hard! I didn't even know where the 'rebirth' button was! You need to add a big billboard because I can't find them!" -Serflain
"Awesome game but needs more Snek" -FrillySnake
"What are you doing in my House???" -Bossen
"whart" -guy who says whart a lot

Serflain - Scripting
BlueThlng - Building
ArgusShamrock - Design & Gameplay


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