To AVOID data loss: Rejoin the game every 45 minutes or so to force save your data so you won't lose it!

UPDATE : The new free skin is active on new servers!
You can now turn size on and off even with PVP on!
- Free skin at 2000 likes!

Make sure to like the game for more updates!

To become a hero/Villain click on the hero/villain button, then click select character.

Join the Group for updates and extra bonuses!

Follow me on Twitter for updates!: @Zatch11123

Welcome to Superhero Simulator! In this game you can train to become the ultimate hero or villain! Train to become strong enough to defeat all your foes and either destroy or save the universe! 

If there are any bugs please PM me or post it on the group wall!
Also if your exp goes negative rejoin the server!


There are currently no running experiences.