[ UPDATE ] Earn double XP! Use your levels to unlock new areas of the map! NEW Fire disaster 🔥 - earn the badge for successfully surviving! + NEW pets and cosmetics! 👾

Welcome to Survive The City: Lunchables 100% Juice, an experience that’s built to be eaten. Destroy everything in sight to build striking constructions in the city center, while exploring the map in search of hidden collectibles. Before time’s up, retreat to the city center to fend off outlandish disasters and unthinkable perils.
🛠 Bust stuff to build striking constructions
🏃‍♂️ Survive crazy disasters, each with their own unique abilities
🏆 Unlock exciting power-ups by outliving disasters
🌟 Unlock special boosts and equipment to enhance mining and survival
🐶 Adopt Cheese-Zilla, goat, penguin, and puppy pet followers

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