Welcome to 🦩Flappy Bird Race.How faaar can you fly?

💡 How to Play:
 - Jump and catch birdies to charge up ⚡
 - Hatch various pets to help you in your journey 🥚🐣🐥
 - Fly through the world and get the farthest studs 🏅

Don’t be 🐓! Be the 🦅 and fly higher and farther!

👍 Please like and favorite 👍 We do update every week

CODE: like50,like100
🎁 Follow @XiaoChenXiaoChen on Roblox profile for Codes! 

Tags: Colorful,Super,Speed,High,Fun,Obby, Parkour,Race,Run,Victory,Win,Platformer,Faster,Farther,Fly,Ragdoll,Pet,Collector

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