This game contains SPOILERS to the game The mimic
Maps, monsters and etc.

Credit goes to the creators of "The Mimic" game, CTStudio and Mimic Testers group

Thanks for helping to these people :
Evies s aesthetic (without spaces) for giving me Christmas Trials and Book 2 monster animations and Ronnie The Clown and Judy models
Dyro th Jay (without spaces) for giving me Shinigami model
and for NC monsters and Omukade idle and walk
Undertale adam04 (without spaces) for giving me monsters  (he asked me to make them as morphs)
Dio Masked Hood Ghost for his models (he asked me to make them as morphs)
and meh savage king (without spaces) for sprint script
JunePinkTH for Hiachi Maze Valentine Gamemode monsters with anims
NotKiqm for Kurobozu nightmare and Yurei Cutscene
Fy2_much Hiachi Maze Models
Dragonshera for dio ghost model

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If you have admin then, please don't admin abuse


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