Start out cooking hotdogs on a fire and work your way up, By serving customers in your drive thru. Upgrade your appliances and buildings.

Currently 5 buildings available 😊👍
If you run out of money, you get a free $20 every 5-6 mins

- You can be a customer!
- Make deliveries to houses! 
- Quest and Achievements!

⚠️ Roblox group: Toxic Fox ⚠️
- Neon water cups work at night

- Click Menu button to Add helper
- Complete goals and quests for cash 👀🤗
- Thumbs up game if you would like more updates 👍👍

⭐️ Use code: Toxicfox 
⭐️ Use code: NewYear2023
👍 More codes soon stay tuned! 


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