NFL teams including ALL content have been removed from the game. This is to avoid any copyright issues. We'll be adding UF teams in the future but for now other leagues in the game still remain.

Menu lag is due to the long server lists, we'll fix this after our finals on Tuesday (12/7).

Major changes:
-- Trade Hub 'Apparel' section has been converted into a lounge.
-- Dashboard renders have been replaced with icons.
-- Favorite team's that were NFL were reset to NCAA.
-- Any NFL items appear as "Content Deleted"
-- Heroes is NO LONGER a mode. All heroes cards will also show up as 'Content Deleted.'

Pull on those shoulder pads, strap on your helmet, and prepare for the best football experience on Roblox here in Football Universe!

-Xbox + Mobile Support
-Matches & Live Scores
-Character Customization

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