The game is a bit difficult and complex, it is recommended to read the description. ⚠️

"Periastron Swords Fight: Redux" is a remake of an old game of mine, in which the goal is to fight using Periastron Swords.

UI may be affected on mobile devices, but nothing affects the gameplay at all.

Each sword has AT LEAST ONE special skill. These can be found on the keys Q, E, and X. If you play mobile, there will be buttons on your screen. Some skills are passive. ⚡

Periastron Swords spawn every X seconds, the better the sword is, the less chance it has to appear. 

Rainbow Periastron Omega spawns 5 minutes after server start. After spawning, the sword will stay on the altar found on top of the mountain for 2 minutes, and then disappear. and will appear again after 3 minutes.

🔴DISCLAIMER: the swords in this game are not mine, but made by the following users: TakeoHonorable, Noob3713. (Fan Made)🔴


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