UPDATE! Added New Mowers in Dale's Shop and Mega Cash Boosts! 

Experience the joys of cutting a lawn from your computer, XBOX or mobile device. 

Earn money by mowing lawns and deposit your bags of grass to Hank for in-game cash. 

Use your earned cash to buy new kinds of lawn mowers: 
- Manual Push Mower 
- Gas Powered Mower 
- Electric Gold Mower 
- Riding Mower 
- Cutting Shears 
- Elk Rotary 
- Roto-Tiller -
- Hank's Mower of the Future
- Dale's Alien Mower

Featuring the one-of-a-kind exclusive, Mower Sword! A weapon crafted by the Champions of Lawn Mowing and made out of a grass-infused steel blade. 

When you get 5,000 Grass, you can Rebirth which will reset your Grass, but increases your cash multiplier and you get more cash for trading in your grass!


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