BETA 4 (0.4.93)

+ Flight plans can now be edited during flight
+ The ILS can now be configured from any aircraft view
+ A completely new top-bar menu experience is being tested in this version
+ Quick Actions have been integrated into the top-bar menu (minus the throttle quadrant panel)
+ Various improvements have been made to the camera system
+ The camera system now considers the last click position as its datum, rather than the center of the screen (where applicable)
+ Users can now move the camera closer or further from the subject by scrolling while holding down the Left Control key
+ Autopilot accuracy has been slightly improved while approach mode is engaged
+ Autopilot pitch commands now better compensate for banked turns
+ Flight level change mode (FLCH) has been added to the autopilot
+ A dedicated approach mode switch (APPR) has been added to the autopilot

Full update logs are available in Community Server.


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