BETA 4 (0.4.86)

+ Partial release of the Flight Recorder feature
+ Administrative commands for private server owners
+ Completely new world level-of-detail ("Managed Scenery") system for potential map expansions
+ Overhauled audio processing for potential simulation of Mach-related effects
+ Overhauled the code that handles locally-simulated animations
+ Better simulation of rotational velocity on aircraft wheels
+ Landing gear state management has been separated from suspension simulation, allowing state to be managed in replays
+ Landing gear hit-detection regions have been adjusted to properly conform to the curves of their tires
+ Improvements to some runway and taxiway markings: usable runway width has been slightly increased
+ Improvements to approach and runway threshold lighting
+ PAPI and/or VASI lights have been added to all runways
Full update logs are available in Community Server.


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