This game is no longer being regularly maintained. I've moved onto a more recent project which you can find by joining the community of chaos:!/about

Note: The game is in alpha, so some parts of it may be changed drastically. Also be ready for bugs. Report them in the group or community server.

A team-combat game with a 4000 by 4000 stud map. 
Earn money and respect by killing members of other clans and capturing money wells. Clan leaders can use the gold and respect collected to upgrade their clan's equipment and armor in the clan tier shop!

Explore the different realms, expand your clan's influence, and become the largest and richest clan to ever exist in this chaotic world.

Major Contributors:
NatyNoob - Icon and Thumbnail
SuperBoyIndy - Lead Tester
Also I would like to thank all the testers. You guys find and suggest a lot of cool things.


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