🔥 Welcome to Ninja Tycoon! 🥷 

⚔️ Build up your Tycoon, suit up, battle other players and defend Ninja City! Unlock powerful weapons to be the best Ninja in town! ⚔️ 

🌐 Follow @DragonEntGames for codes! 🐉

😃 Join the group to get a free crossbow gear in-game!

🔺 Update [5]: New Ninja Cave expansion, unlock awesome Ninja Vehicles and other upgrades.

🔺 Update [4]: Come train in the Battle Dojo! Each tycoon has a teleporter that takes you to the dojo where you can battle! New elemental themed weapons!🔺

🔺 Update [3]: New Sky Temple area, 4 new gear to unlock in the shop, new Air jitzu ability unlock! 🔺

🔥 Tycoon saves when you leave, come back later and resume your progress!


There are currently no running experiences.