Timed Obbies. 
A Time Trail Game Made By Me.

DONT Buy the kill all donation it doesnt put you on the leaderboard

💸 - Top Donator - ItzVaksi 
[Owner Of Time Records 🤯]

🔴 - Shutdown Means New Obby / Obbies Or Bug Fixes

📖 - Latest Update
-  New mini obby
- 3 New truss obby
- 1 New colored obby
- Small bug fixes

[Glich Obby Comming Soon]

- 🎉 Thanks For 🌟6000🌟 Visits!!
- ⭐️ Inspired By Time Trail

- 🏆 How to get on the leaderboard
To be on the leaderboard you need to record your speedrun and upload it to YouTube with #timedobbies in the title or the description.

- 👾 You should join my Disco server where you can submit your own obby or give ideas to the game.

- ⏰ This game has Mini Obby, Truss Obby, Colored Obby, And A Practice Area


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