💎 Welcome to Ore Smelting Tycoon! 💎

🔗 Join the roblox group Spugh Studios in the description below to get a +25% cash boost when selling ores, and codes!

📚 This is a tycoon game about collecting ores dispensed from your huge ore tycoon, you smelt your ores in the ore smelter to gain cash and upgrade your tycoon to become an ore empire!

🎮 Gameplay:
- You collect ores from your ore dispenser!
- Smelt ores from your inventory for cash!
- Upgrade your tycoon for better ores!
- Rebirth to gain a big cash multiplier!
- Compete in various leaderboards!

📙 Update Log:
- Game design improvements with the map!
- Added rebirth upgrades, upgrade with tokens!
- Added rebirth tokens, which you can get by rebirthing!
- Added rebirth skipping, you can skip lives!
- Added a more ore rock button with new rocks!
- Full update log in the communications server!

🏅 Credits:
@SamirDevs - Developer
@9_Spy - VFX Artist
@Quark_WF - Inspiration


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