Mostly here as a nostalgia trip for myself and others who played this way back in the day. 
You don't need VR, but obviously the main reason to play this one as opposed to the original is that this y'know...
has vr support...

i know the guns suck and are loud idk i'll fix em eventually

All lighting's been updated and tweaked from the old old lighting. I think it looks much better, and is more immersive in VR.

After The Flash: Sandstorm made by ChadtheCreator, I added Nexus VR, and am slowly going through trying to make it a more entertaining VR experience.
Some stuff probably doesn't work well, and I got rid of the guns/spawn room because the UI didn't look very nice in VR.

should work with all mainstream vr headsets supported by roblox

to do list(idk don't really ever expect these but it's an idea):
update old decals
update old meshes


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