Welcome to Undertale Mania For Love, which is a utmm inspired by a LOT of utmms and other games.

In this journey, you and Error Sans team up to destroy every anomalies from Undertale and the Doodle Sphere. There're a LOT of new features and I hope you will enjoy the game.

This game has only one creator : SPAMT0N_N30 and also 1 developer : Watermelon_God.

The anticheat isn't still perfect so if you find a bug, please report it to the owner or a developer. Also, for people who got banned because of the anticheat, it had a horrible bug that banned people who farmed. I can't give an item in return for everyone who got banned because of this sadly.

Shutdown = Update or Quick fix

All credits are in the game.


There are currently no running experiences.