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Mutsu Province - Date District

By IdachiKatsumoto


Join Idachi Clan! - [District] Welcome to Date District. A region with numerous islands some only accessible by boat. Terrain features include mountains, caves, rice fields, beaches and forests. [Cities] -Kunimi -Kawamata [Raid Rules] At leasat 10 Idachi Clan members + Daimyo must be present for a legitimate win. You must capture and be holding all three flags at the same time in order to win. You must also declare a raid, we only accept raids by fellow RJ Clans. Random invaders are always slaughtered and they themselves cannot declare raids, only fight. We do not use admin such as give weapons or kill commands when invaders are present, however, as feudal lord of this land I reserve the right to kick any player who disrupts our trainings or is a solo invader with a negative K/D spread over 20.

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