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  • Sims 3/ Sims 4 Lovers!

    Sims 3 & Sims 4 Lovers! ( IF ANYONE ELSE USES ORIGIN FOR SIMS 3, LET ME KNOW, WE CAN SHARE EXPANSIONS.) i AM currently needing 2 more active MODDIES... * posts group status's * keeps group entertained If you have any question PLEASE feel free to message me i've been playing sims 3 for YEARS and no alot about it and mods, and stuff like that I EVEN know how to get some free worlds if anyones intrested :) Feel free to post on wall anything having to do with sims ! ( I DO OWN SIMS 4 also ) If anyone makes sims youtube videos or somthing send a link on the wall! I'd love to watch them, have a good day simmies! - 12/4/14

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  • Cat Lovers ♡

    This group is for anyone who loves cats! Join this group too talk about your fur babies, ask questions, tell stories, and communicate with others! ( I am aware they're are other cat groups but I wanted too make my own ) Make sure too join & tell me ALL about your cat(s) ! If you WANT you can make decals of YOUR cat, send me a link too it, and each week we will have a cat/kitten of the week winner! & i'll post a link too it in group status! You must message me the photo though. :) Rules: no spam, asking for donations, bullying, being rude too others. Have fun. (: ~Josie

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  • Welcome too my profile!

    Hi! This is the place to leave me COMMENTS, with any questions, or anything you need to tell me or that you would send me in a private message! I DON'T check my messages, at all, but I DO check the comments on this place & I will try and reply you you ASAP, my message glitch ALOT so I just don't bother with them anymore, if you have any questions, or anything at all to tell me, do so here in the comments, have a great day lovelies!

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