Y=Yes N=No. M=Maybe S=Sometimes Do I donate=N Do I od or support it=N Do I watch anime/cartoons=Not really. Do I play video games=Y Do I like school=R U KIDDING NO. Am I stupid=Y Am I smart=S Am I a crazy person who has no idea why this poor text is trapped inside a box?!=No. Do I use correct grammar? Sometimes yes, sometimes nah. Do I play Minecraft = Yes, not much anymore Do I care about why you are stalking my profile? Maybe. Maybe not. "Ba-dum Tsss." "PK STARSTORM!!!!!!!" Read More

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  • Knights of RedCliff

    Born to defend Robloxia from all that is mortal evil, We, the RedCliff Knights inhabit the center of the Robloxian world. With honor we defend, with pride we protect the weak from the ruthless Korbloxian invasion. Founded by the mighty Knight Xargas in 1324 I.R., when he and his Knights finally managed to exile the Barbarian King Canavus and his men out of Robloxia. Currently led by his descendant Sorcus, the age is 1543 I.R. --------------------------------------- Guide : http://www.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=71330502 ---------------------------------------- *This is both a role-play group and a war group. We do not impose any restrictions on the members* *This is an official clan recognized by ROBLOX*

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  • Swordphin123 Productions

    One of ROBLOX's oldest and most popular RPG-type making production groups where Swordphin123 and her crew collaborate and create the most elaborate RPGs ever to exist. Search "team swordphin" on Google and it should appear as the first link. Here, you can look for upcoming updates, talks, group stuff, and much more! If you ASK for a promotion, you will not GET any promotion. If you even TALK about it, you will not EVER get a promotion. Thank you for your kindness that I do not understand. ALSO, THE TIME YOU SPENT IN THE GROUP DOES NOT COUNT. Only Swordphin123 or the crew can choose whenever a promotion is done. __________________________________________ [RULES:] NO SPAMMING, ADVERTISING, DONATING, FLAMING, SWEARING, TROLLING, AND OTHER UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES WILL BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY AND MAY LEAD TO -EXILED FROM THE GROUP, AND/OR KICKED FROM ALL OF SWORDPHIN123'S PLACES, MAKING YOU UNABLE TO PLAY THEM FOREVER. PUT THIS INTO CONSIDERATION.

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  • Poke Arena Club

    pax2012 tier list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1thLcZRT1yzr7n7LolomzmNfHeAdeIvRsfad8nAMFgGg tourney info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n435lw9i9crsubxTxtKj0bmJbAMrfAvpTSXeAmxQiLU vido 2 of teh weke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yps2JifWe28 vido of teh weke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW8kBR4BWm8 The Poke Arena Club! This group is for the games, "Original Pokemon Arena", "Pokemon Arena X.5", and "Pokemon Arena X". Wikia(replace DOT with .): http://pokemonarenax.wikiaDOTcom/wiki/Pokemon_Arena_X_Wiki Follow PAX @PokemonArenaX14 on Twitter for the latest news and stuff! [Rank-ups are currently down] chandelure, scizor, and jirachi

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