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  • Rare Hat Club

    Message me or any of the admins and we will rank you up. We determine what rank you get by what hats you have.

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      Rare Hat
  • The 1337.

    To get into this awesome group, you must NOT be a newbie (notice I didn't say noob, newb and noob have different meanings), and you must have decent profile status, such as a decent amount of money, kills, hats, and all of that. Thanks! And don't cry if I don't accept you. Just work harder at getting a better profile. =================================================== Moderators: Darkstarkirby, K9Chief, SuperManS, Ryanzcoolio, Silverfang7 and xJasonx. =================================================== If anyone wishes to be selected as part of the Admissions Council rank, you must have a 1337 hat, if you would like to be selected, send me the link of your most ownage hat. If I like it and it is a decent price then I'll let you in.

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      1337 ROBLOXians
  • Madrak's Test Army

    Madrak's Test Army is a formalized group of users trying to test and find bugs in Roblox. Information in the MTA is communicated up the chain of command. Here are the four ranks: General, Major, Captain, Lieutenant. If you would like to help out, please find a Lieutenant to start contributing bug information to. If you do a good job at finding new bugs, you'll probably get promoted. Membership in the MTA is not guaranteed, and spamming/griefing will not be tolerated. Be sure to follow the rules of your Lieutenant or they will kick you out. To get involved with the group, visit one of our General's groups (http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=16143) and start reporting bugs.

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  • The British

    The British Community Clan. Rule britania! Anyone from the UK is available to join to show the rest of roblox where you come from. Feel free to post on the wall if you aren't british!

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      Honour Guard
  • '07ers United

    We are the '07ers Group. You must have joined ROBLOX in 2007 to join this group. Please do not request to join the group if you are not an '07er or you will be denied.

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  • ~Lethal Lava Land Obstacle Course~

    Will you survive?

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