Ever think the world was only created five minutes ago? No way? I have the memories of the past? What if those memories were also seeded into you five minutes ago? Just how much of our memories are a lie? A few people I'd like to add here, I guess. TheSaiyanCat, Uh_Lxmy, Delandre12, Splytsecond00 TwiceTheCharm and Sassygalg3g3. Read More

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  • Saiyan Studio

    Hi, Welcome to Saiyan Studio We've Been working on 2 games - DBF - DBMR DBF is Technically Done for now Right now Me and the Dev team are Working on Dragon Ball Mythical Revolution Recently The Demo was Successful We are Currently Working on Alpha Now

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  • Rekter's Training Dominion

    Welcome to Rekter's Training Dominion. A group that teaches OACB, and also hosts exams, we also have RTD Anbu! [RTD] Exam System: forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=199262184 [RTD] OACB Rules: forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=199112508 [RTD] Top 5 List: N/A HR Limits: Preceptor: 6 Sub-Senseis: 5 Executive: 3 High Executive: 2

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  • Howling Wolf Village of NSOA

    Welcome to Okamigakure -Uniform- Shirt:White>https://www.roblox.com/Howling-Wolf-Village-Uniform-Shirt-White-item?id=400012529 Pants:White>https://www.roblox.com/Howling-Wolf-Village-Uniform-Pants-White-item?id=400356800 Naruto RPG, This group is used for both NSOA and Naruto RPG, Infomation about holding exams will be given by your Kage. The Howling Wolf Village (狼哭の里, Rōkoku no Sato)created by 1st Okimikage(Ultimedie) is a remote village situated on Howling Wolf Mountain. A variety of different medicinal plants grow in and around the village. In the past, the village was plagued by the attacks of Rōen until it was finally defeated by the Kodon clan. For many years the Howling Wolf Village was a hidden village. Though small, the village was able to fight off an attempted annexation by Amegakure thanks to the Kumanoi clan's blue fire powder.

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  • Naruto RPG

    Naruto Role-Playing-Group Group Created by CaribBros Games: [In-order] NOA Classic Years: 09 - 14 [ Nindo Online Adventure ] NOA Years: 15 - 16 [ Nindo Online Adventure ] GOA Years: 16 - Development [ Gaiden Online Adventure ]

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  • B-b Studio

    ☯Studio owned by CaribBros. The 🅾️🅰️'s. We are best known for our Naruto games. We are from Caribbeans, Trinidad and Tobago. ☯ How to chat on Group Wall? ✪ You must be a Gold II to chat on community wall. This is to prevent spams! ☯ What is B-b Studio? ✪ A studio started from the bottom now we here. The Studio which inspired the Studio creation on ROBLOX. This Studio dates back to 2010. Even before that. The creators are BookOfLight and blockof ☯ How do you rank up? ✪ A New system is being built for the ranking system. Ranks will give you awesome items in CaribBros games with the title of OA.

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