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  • M.C FireTigers

    YOU MUST TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY IT IS NOT A JOKE! *warning fun overload* Only the best will be accepted. And the best of the best will be the Chief Tiger. New uniform coming soon! Follow the rules it will higher your chance of being Chief Tiger Rule 1:Show Up to Training (always on a Tuesday *not every week*) That is all the rules i could think of Release date of uniform 2nd May 2015 OWNER:TheMarcusTunde Co-owner:INSTALLTLON

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  • Followers of Boo

    Devout followers of the Church of Boo. Come children of Boo, gather and pray. You will receive what is promised.

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      Followers of Boo
  • Clutch Studios

    Try some of our games today! Welcome to a game development group by MadDeveloperHD Everyone is allowed to join this group. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running games: Mad Games Rocket Runners The Asylum ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Admins: DestroyerTha1st ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming Games: Battle Forces ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a idea send me a Tweet on Twitter! @MadDevHD

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  • The Robloxia Lotto!/Donation!

    Hi! And here we are after 2 years we are back in our best for yet to bring you happy and nice fellings! :) We are a very exclusive group and we only accept 50 people! So hurry before it's too late!

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  • The Dominus Empire!

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ -- What We Are -- ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ We are The Dominus Empire. We accept elites only, and do not tolerate disrespect and immaturity; We are masters of all forms of combat; We will still destroy any clan that challenges us. Our Uniforms are here. Please purchase it,and wear it during events. We shall strive our best in raids and defenses, and we shall always be aside our allies when they need up. If you any questions, pm me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PM DesolatingDejection about anything to do with raiding, scrimmages or replacing a Special Rank member~~~~~~~~~~~ Group Guidelines: Uniform Shirt: Uniform Pants: Elites: There can be only 30 Elite members! Elite members in TDE, that's set because we have 5 Elite Cap

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    ***SELF TRAINING CENTER*** F O R E R U N N E R members can come here and train with each other without the need of High Ranks. //:INSTRUCTIONS - Locate desired training section. - Step on spawn [MARKED WITH OUR LOGO] to go on the required team. - Reset to get the weapons. - Step on the platform to TP you into the arena.

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